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A family connection to this storey .... The Storey of the Schooner 'August' and the hero of Nohoval Cove.
" They sighted the old head of Kinsale at 2am on January 16th 1903. Conditions at sea had been steadily deteriorating. Roches point weather station would record that the wind that night was a force 10, equivalent in gusts to a hurricane. "

Winter 2010 / 2011 , Coldest December on record


...... maximum daily value of -9.4°C .......

Winter 2009 / 2010 , Floods at first & then the Freeze


Floods in November - Coldest February Since 1986 and the Coldest Winter for Almost 50 Years
" Overall, temperatures struggled to reach double figures in many areas while there were a number of days of frost when ground temperatures fell below -10 degrees Celsius. "

Winter 2008 / 2009 , Stormy Weather


" The weather station at Belmullet, Co Mayo recorded record wind speeds of 174km per hour ( 94 Knots ) today. "

Nohoval Cove


Nohoval Cove , Co. Cork , Ireland.
One of the most picturesque coves on Ireland's South Coast.

Rocky Bay


Rocky Bay , Co. Cork , Ireland.
One of the most dramatic beaches for winter storms on Ireland's South Coast.

Irelands Big Wind


" A Freak Storm So Memorable, People Dated Their Lives by It "
By Robert McNamara

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