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Rocky Bay

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Rocky Bay , Co. Cork
One of the most dramatic beaches for winter storms on Ireland's South Coast.

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Extract from:
‘A topographical dictionary of Ireland ’

" The only manure is sea-sand, which is brought into Rocky bay and Roberts' Cove, two small coves in the parish, in large boats, of which several are employed in this trade. At Roberts' Cove is a valuable slate quarry, belonging to Sir Thomas Roberts, Bart., but it is not worked to any considerable extent. Britfieldstown, the seat of Sir Thomas Roberts, Bart., is pleasantly situated in a secluded spot above Roberts' Cove. On the same estate is Fort Richard, the residence of J. Galwey, Esq. The Cove affords a commodious shelter for vessels of 200 tons' burden, which occasionally arrive laden with coal, and return with cargoes of slate. The coast-guard station here is the most westerly of the eight stations that constitute the district of Cove. A little to the west, on the summit of Roberts' Head, is a ruined signal tower, from which is an interesting and extensive prospect. It is an impropriate curacy, in the diocese of Cork, and is part of the union of Tracton, where the Protestant inhabitants attend divine worship; the rectory is impropriate in the Earl of Shannon. The tithes amount to £109. 4. 6. the whole of which is payable to the impropriator. The church has long been a ruin. In the R. C. divisions it forms part of the union or district of Kinnalee or Tracton. The parochial male and female schools are supported by the Cork Diocesan Society; there is also a hedge school in the parish. "

S. Lewis, 1837

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This is where I take most of my photographs , south facing , great with strong southerlies.

Rocky Bay , is a beautiful sandy beach located in Tracton Parish , last few years it seems to have kept it's sand all year around.

Other years , if there are big storms in late spring , a lot of the sand can be lost , leaving a 'Rocky Bay '.........